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Triera Metals
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Triera Metals is the only company that provides one-stop solutions

and production facility for scientific designing, casting and manufacturing under one roof. Its success revolves around Passion, Perfection and Precision ensuring that the best quality products are delivered to the customers.
Triera Metals

Safety is a Priority at Triera Metals. With the ever changing requirements for Brass manufacturing components and cable gland performance in industrial applications, Triera Metals continues to meet and adapt the stringent performance standards for varied customers.

Complying with global standards Triera Metals is engaged in production of International quality products with par excellence. This includes manufacturing of Cable Glands and its Accessories in Brass, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Aluminum and in Alloy Finish, Earthing and Lightening Protection Fittings, Brass Electricals and Conduit Fittings and Other Customized Brass Components.


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Health First

The standards of Triera Metals’s health and safety policy are defined at the top level and are implemented in all its operations, which are supervised by its each respective operational manager or director. The objectives of this policy are reviewed every year, it simply elaborates as "There should occur no accidents, no harm to employees and no damage to the environment." Triera Metals makes sure that the effective planning, organization, control, monitoring and review of machine and process operations on and off site are done on regular basis.
Triera Metals - Health First
Triera Metals - Commited to Safety

Commited to Safety

With Triera Metals products playing a significant role in the safety of electrical equipment and in different environments, product awareness training is provided to acquaint the customers with its products. This reduces on site risk and contributes directly to the health and safety of its installers. Thus, Triera Metals is committed to provide a safe working environment for employees and its visitors alike. This is essential to its day to day operations across the country and as such it has an excellent track record of health and safety in its premises.

Comprehensive and confidential

contract manufacturing services to fulfil the tailor-made specific requirements of client.
Triera Metals
Social Responsibility

At TMK, we value in protecting environment of our planet

as well as health & safety of people, as it is of fundamental importance to our endeavors as a responsible organization.

  • To adhere by it, we are committed to
    • Comply with applicable legal and other obligations.
    • Optimum utilization of resources and prevention of pollution.
    • Ensure safe and healthy working environment.
    • Continually improve our management system for the Environment, Health & Safety.
  • We will work to achieve our above goals by
    • Imparting awareness and training to our employees.
    • Evaluating process risk, with alternatives to ensure safe and healthy work environment.
    • Working collaboratively on these matters with the stakeholders and community.
  • We, at Triera Metals, will make every effort to
    • Ensure that this remains an integral part of our overall performance.
    • Environment friendly company, preventing all kinds of pollution, leading to better standards of health and safety.
    • Contributing towards greener and healthier world by growing more trees.
Triera Metals - Social Responsibility

Our Values

Triera Metals

Be Dependable

We honor commitments and build trust with a high sense of ownership in everything we do.
Triera Metals

Be Fair

We are honest, fair and transparent in all our dealings with the highest standards of ethics at the individual and corporate level.
Triera Metals

Be Caring

We care for all our stakeholders, environment & society and through our action demonstrate the genuine concern.
Triera Metals

Be World Class

We strive for excellence in whatever we do and persevere all our actions for effective and efficient results.

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